Who Is to Blame for My Gym Injury?

dumbbells at gym

The gym in which you are a member may be seemingly safe on the surface. However, below the surface, there may be hazards present in every corner of the facility. Such hazards may ultimately lead to your injury. Follow along to find out who is potentially to blame for your gym injury and how one of the proficient Howard County slip and fall accident attorneys at Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates can help you file a claim.

Who is potentially at fault for my gym injury?

You may accidentally hurt yourself at the gym if you use a weight that is more than you can physically handle or if you otherwise make an error in judgment while using one of the machines. However, your injury may be due to no fault of your own, but rather due to the negligence of another party. Below are examples of who might be at fault for your accident:

  • A negligent gym owner:
    • They may fail to ensure their parking lot, sidewalk, stairway, or otherwise their entranceway is safe.
    • They may fail to properly build gym equipment or otherwise tightly fasten it in place.
  • A negligent gym employee:
    • They may fail to be properly trained to “spot” you during your weightlifting or use of machinery.
    • They may fail to clean mold or otherwise unsanitized facilities within the locker room.
  • A negligent gym equipment manufacturer:
    • They may fail to promptly send out a recall notice for a defective piece of gym equipment.
    • They may fail to package all necessary tools and parts for a piece of gym equipment.

How long do I have to file a claim against the negligent party?

Even if you can correctly assign blame for your gym injury, you may be unable to place a personal injury claim against the negligent party if you miss the statute of limitations. In the state of Maryland, this deadline is generally three years from the date on which your accident occurred.

The sooner that you get started on your claim, the better. This is because you may have to do a lot of work beforehand. For one, you may need a lawyer to read through the gym membership contract and liability waiver you may have signed; this is so you better understand what type of case you have on your hands, if you have any at all. This is not to mention the evidence that you must collect to satisfy your burden of proof (i.e., photos, security camera footage, an incident report, witness testimonies, medical records, etc).

For these reasons alone, you must consult with a talented Howard County personal injury attorney immediately. Our team at Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates is happy to advise you.

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