Who is Responsible for a Dog Bite Accident in Maryland?

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Dogs are usually so important to their owners that they can be considered a member of the family. However, having a dog is an important responsibility. Dog owners are required to train them and teach them how to act to ensure the safety of others. However, this is not always done and some dogs can be hostile towards others. If a dog is not properly trained, they can be dangerous and hurt someone.

After a dog attack, it is important for the victim to receive medical attention. This treats and documents the incident for a future personal injury claim. The victim can file a claim in order to pursue a lawsuit against the negligent party to hold them liable for the attack.

Maryland Dog Bite Law

The Maryland Code states that “the owner of a dog is liable for any injury, death, or loss to a person or property that is caused by the dog, when the dog is running at large.” This law covers not only dog bite injuries, but also other injuries inflicted by the pet. This may be the case if a dog jumps on a pedestrian and knocks them down, causing broken bones.

However, it is important to know there are situations in which the owner is not liable. This may be if the injured person was:

  • Trespassing or attempting to trespass on the owner’s property
  • Committing or attempting to commit a crime on the owner’s property
  • Committing or attempting to commit a criminal offense against a person
  • Provoking, abusing, or teasing the dog

What if the dog has a history of aggressive behavior?

After a dog attack, the victims should start to build a case against the owner in order to prove negligence. To start, it can be beneficial to look into the dog’s history. In Maryland, the law states that if a dog has injured or killed someone in the past, the owner should have known their dog was dangerous. If the pet has a history of violence and has hurt another person before, it can be helpful as a part of a negligence case.

Receiving Damages

Victims of personal injury accidents often want to hold a negligent party responsible for their suffering. This can be done with a personal injury lawsuit that has the potential to lead to financial compensation. This exists for victims of dog bites with damages that stem from the incident. The compensation allows the injured person to recover without worrying about affording these extra costs. Instead, the dog owner may be required to cover these costs if they are found negligent during the lawsuit.

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