When Is a Store Incident Report Necessary?

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Shopping centers or department stores are hardly ever considered dangerous locations. But this is only as long as owners or managers uphold their duty in maintaining the premises. Otherwise, visitors may experience a slip and fall accident and a store incident report may need to be written up. Read on to discover what circumstances call for a store incident report and how one of the seasoned Howard County slip and fall accident attorneys at Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates can help you in obtaining a copy.

Under what circumstances is a store incident report necessary?

To reiterate, you may require that a store owner or manager conduct a store incident report if a hazardous condition caused you to get hurt. More specific circumstances are as follows:

  • There are loose products on display shelves, and you get struck by one as a result.
  • There is no caution sign posted for a wet floor, and you slip as a result.
  • There are defects within the store’s elevator, and you get injured as a result.
  • There are large cracks or potholes in the store’s parking lot, and you trip as a result.
  • There is snow or ice on the store’s sidewalk, and you slip as a result.

Of note, a store incident report may record the exact date, time, and location in which your slip and fall took place. It may also provide a summary of the events that led up to your accident, and possibly even an admittance of guilt by a store owner or manager.

How do I obtain a copy of this report?

You must ask a store owner or manager to give you a copy of this store incident report while you are still at the scene of your accident, along with immediately sending a copy to their insurance company. This is especially if you are considering a personal injury claim against the store, as this may serve as a vital piece of proof.

More often than not, the company will have a policy in place that requires a store owner or manager to initiate this report when a slip and fall occurs on their property. But if an owner or manager refuses to comply with this, you should not turn to aggression. Rather, you may wait for a law enforcement officer to respond to your accident and intervene. And in addition to obtaining a copy of this store incident report on your behalf, they may conduct a police report of their own. This may serve as further proof for your claim.

The first step you must take in your legal action is to make a phone call. Without further ado, pick up the phone and contact a competent Howard County personal injury attorney from Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates today.

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