What Should I Do if a Dog Attacks Me?

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If you get bitten or attacked by a dog, you may be suffering from lacerations, broken bones, permanent scarring, or other serious injuries and damages. This is unacceptable, especially when the attack was unprovoked.  So read on to discover what to do after a dog attack and how one of the seasoned Howard County dog bite attorneys at Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates can support you.

What is the law on dog bites in the state of Maryland?

Of note, Maryland law states, “The owner of a dog is liable for any injury, death, or loss to a person or property that is caused by the dog when the dog is running at large.” In other words, a dog owner is held strictly liable for their pet’s biting or attacking of another person. And this is regardless of whether or not their dog has a history of violence.

It is important to note that there may be exceptions to this statute. They are as follows:

  • A dog owner may not be held strictly liable if you illegally trespassed onto their private property.
  • A dog owner may not be held strictly liable if you were committing or attempting to commit a crime on their private property.
  • A dog owner may not be held strictly liable if you were abusing, teasing, or otherwise provoking their dog.

What should I do after a dog attacks me?

First and foremost, your health comes first. Meaning that, immediately following a dog attack, you must seek out medical treatment. This is because you may need to receive a rabies shot if the dog is not up to date on its vaccinations. What’s more, this allows you to understand the severity of your injuries and damages, so that you know an adequate amount of financial compensation to seek in your claim. This is all while collecting medical proof along the way.

But while still at the scene of the dog attack, you must call 911. This is so a law enforcement officer may conduct an official accident report, which you may retain a copy of for your claim. Importantly, they will dispatch an ambulance to the scene on your behalf, which is where you may receive your initial medical examination.

Also at the scene, you should speak with present witnesses. They may know about the dog’s history of violence and ultimately testify on your behalf. Or, they may have captured photos and videos of the dog attack playing out. This is not to mention the photos and videos you should take of your injuries and damages while still at the scene.

You cannot ignore your potential personal injury claim for much longer. Instead, you must retain the services of a competent Howard County personal injury attorney from Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates today.

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