What Initiatives Should I Avoid After My Accident?

witness car accident

You may think that the procedures after a car accident are straightforward, between exchanging insurance information and taking photos of your car damages. However, the smallest mistake may jeopardize your chance to pursue an insurance claim and/or personal injury claim. Follow along to find out what approach you should avoid taking after your accident and how one of the proficient Howard County car accident attorneys at Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates can point you in the right direction.

What initiatives should I avoid taking after my car accident?

There are mistakes commonly made by drivers immediately following their car accident; understandably so, as they may feel overwhelmed by the whole situation. But importantly, certain mistakes must not be made under any circumstances. They read as follows:

  • You should avoid fleeing the scene of your accident: this is because it is illegal to do so in the state of Maryland and you may face weighty penalties as a result.
  • You should avoid chasing a driver who has fled the scene: this is because your car may no longer be safe to drive; never mind the fact that you do not want to be recklessly driving through the Maryland roads.
  • You should avoid interacting with a driver who seems dangerous: this is because you do not want to incur further injuries and damages than you already have.
  • You should avoid pushing away medical attention from emergency first responders: this is because you do not want to be left with no proof that your injuries and damages were a direct result of your accident.

What steps should I take instead?

Rest assured, there are simple steps that may be taken after your car accident that may make all the difference in your insurance claim and/or personal injury claim, along with your overall well-being.

For one, instead of leaving the scene of your accident, you should wait for law enforcement officers to respond; this is so a proper accident report may be conducted. At the same time, instead of chasing a driver who has fled the scene, you should have a dispatcher send out law enforcement officers to do so on your behalf.

In a similar sense, instead of approaching a dangerous driver, you should remain in your vehicle and have a law enforcement officer do so on your behalf. Be sure to inform the officer if you are suspicious of the driver being intoxicated, so that they may conduct a breathalyzer test and other field sobriety tests.

Lastly, instead of refusing medical attention, you should submit to an examination at the scene and allow an ambulance to transport you to the emergency room for further testing. With this, you should abide by the treatment plan prescribed to you.

This is not to mention that you should seek out sound advice for what your legal course of action should be. When it comes to your personal injury claim, you need one of the talented Howard County auto accident attorneys by your side. This is why you must contact Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates as soon as possible.

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