What Evidence Do I Need for My Scaffolding Accident Claim?

Construction workers are usually the victims of scaffolding accidents. By just simply doing their jobs, they can receive an injury in an instant and have to suffer the long-term repercussions. This is an unfortunate event that requires compensation for healing. Follow along to find out what evidence you should gather for your scaffolding accident claim and how one of the proficient Howard County construction accident attorneys at Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates can support you in doing so.

What are the most common causes of scaffolding accidents in the state of Maryland?

A scaffolding accident is one of the most common types of construction accidents. They usually occur because of an employer’s or third party’s negligence. Example of how negligence can lead to accidents read as follows:

  • Violating OSHA guidelines.
  • Failing to install overhead protection.
  • Failing to properly secure scaffolds.
  • Malfunctioning breaks.
  • Defective equipment (i.e., pulleys, fall safety systems, etc).
  • Unsafe scaffold design.
  • Negligent scaffold manufacturing.

What proof do I need of my scaffolding accident?

Importantly, you will file a workers’ compensation claim if your injuries were caused by an employer’s negligence. On the other hand, you will file a third-party claim if your injuries were caused by a third party’s negligence. A common example of this is if a manufacturing company produces defective safety equipment.

Regardless, you will need to satisfy the burden of proof. Meaning, you will need to collect a sufficient amount of evidence that confirms your injuries were directly due to the negligence of another party. If your injuries permit it, you can gather some of this evidence while still at the scene of the accident, and you can get other pieces after. Such pieces of evidence may include the following:

  • A copy of your police report which was conducted by a law enforcement officer at the scene of your accident.
  • Pictures and videos of your injuries, damages, and any hazards that possibly led to your accident.
  • A copy of the surveillance camera footage which shows your accident occurring.
  • A doctor’s note that states the date, time, and seriousness of your injuries.
  • Medical bills that state the cost of your current and future necessary treatment.
  • Past pay stubs which convey the current and future wages you will miss out on.

Nevertheless, the more proof you have, the better. This is why we recommend that you retain the services of a talented Howard County personal injury attorney who will help you obtain this proof. Contact us as soon as you can, but ideally before the statute of limitations. In the state of Maryland, there are statutes of limitations that apply to both your workers’ compensation claim and third-party claims, and it is important to call an experienced attorney to discuss these matters.

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