What Damages Can I Recover from a School Bus Accident?

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If your child is involved in a school bus accident, they may suffer from short-term injuries like a concussion or long-term injuries like spinal cord injuries. Regardless, there may be a significant amount of damage that you need help recuperating. This may be possible with a personal injury claim. Follow along to find out what damages can be recovered from a school bus accident and how one of the proficient Howard County auto accident attorneys at Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates can work on your behalf.

Who is liable for my child’s accident?

There are many potentially liable parties for your child’s school bus accident. They are as follows:

  • The school bus driver: if they were driving recklessly, while distracted, while intoxicated, with making illegal maneuvers, or otherwise.
  • Another driver on the road: if they were driving recklessly, while distracted, while intoxicated, with making illegal maneuvers, or otherwise.
  • The school bus company: if they failed to inspect the bus before or properly train drivers before sending them out on the road.
  • The school bus manufacturer: if they failed to detect and notify of faulty bus parts in a timely manner.
  • The school district: if they failed to hire bus drivers that were well trained and experienced.
  • Other external factors: if there was a hazard on the road, a faulty traffic light, a dangerous construction zone, poor inclement weather, or otherwise.

So, once you identify the responsible party for your child’s accident, you may move forward in taking legal action against them.

What are recoverable damages from a school bus accident?

Your child may be suffering from both economic and non-economic damages alike after being involved in a school bus accident. And as their parent, you may be taking a heavy emotional and financial toll as well. This is why you must serve as your child’s representative and file a personal injury claim on their behalf. With your help, your child may be able to recover from the following damages:

  • Economic damages:
    • The cost of your child’s long-term medical bills.
    • The cost of your child’s therapy bills, due to their emotional distress.
    • The cost of your child’s future lost earning capacity, due to their long-term injury or disability.
    • The cost of your lost wages, due to your new responsibility as your child’s full-time caregiver.
  • Non-economic damages:
    • Your child’s emotional distress, like post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, phobias, etc.
    • Your child’s loss of relationships, like with friends from school.
    • Your child’s pain and suffering.
    • Your child’s diminished quality of life.

All in all, you must not proceed with your personal injury claim alone. Instead, you must acquire the support of a talented Howard County personal injury attorney. We look forward to helping you.

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