What Are the Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Maryland?

pedestrians crossing street

Pedestrians are often prone to accidents and subsequent injuries when they have to share the busy Maryland roads with cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, and mass transit. And usually, these accidents are due to no fault of their own. Follow along to find out the common causes of pedestrian accidents in Maryland and how one of the proficient Howard County pedestrian accident attorneys at Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates can assist you in filing a personal injury claim.

What are the common causes of pedestrian accidents in the state of Maryland? 

As insinuated above, pedestrian accidents are typically caused by another party. More specifically, they are due to the negligence of another driver on the road. Below are a few examples of driver negligence that can lead to an accident and injury:

  • Driving while distracted (i.e., texting while driving).
  • Driving recklessly (i.e., speeding, ignoring crosswalks, ignoring traffic lights, etc).
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Driving while fatigued.
  • Driving without headlights at night or in poor weather conditions.

Additionally, a pedestrian accident may not be the fault of any party involved. Rather, it may be due to some outside factor, such as the following:

  • Poor weather conditions (i.e., snow or rain).
  • Obstructed visibility (i.e., overgrown foliage or parked automobiles).
  • Closed sidewalks.
  • Potholes or uneven surfaces.

It is important to state that you must not have failed to use the crosswalk or otherwise failed to be attentive to your surroundings when your accident occurred.

What should I do in the event of a pedestrian accident?

If you are, unfortunately, involved in a pedestrian accident, you must do everything in your power to satisfy the burden of proof. That is, you must collect enough evidence to directly tie your injuries to the negligence of another party. You can do so with the following approach:

  1. Call 911: the police will conduct an accident report and call for medical attention. Be sure to retrieve a copy of this report. 
  2. Document the scene: be sure to take photos and videos of your injuries, damages, and the hazards that contributed to your accident. Ask for this documentation from any present witnesses, as well.
  3. Collect contact information: be sure to ask the other party for their personal information and insurance information. Ask for the contact information of any present witnesses, as well.
  4. Seek medical attention: attend the ambulance at the scene and also do a follow-up at the hospital. Be sure to retrieve medical documentation that states the date, time, and severity of your injuries. 
  5. Contact one of the talented Howard County auto accident attorneys: be sure to do so before Maryland’s statute of limitations, which is generally three years from the date of your accident.

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