What Affects the Timing of a Personal Injury Claim?

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Approximately, you may finalize your personal injury case within one to three years from the date on which you file your claim. These years of commitment may deter you from pursuing legal action. But say that your medical bills are piling up and you are still unable to return to work due to your injuries. This is when a monetary reward from a successful personal injury claim may be deemed pivotal. Continue reading to learn what affects the timing of a personal injury claim and how an experienced Howard County personal injury attorney at Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates can help expedite this process.

What factors affect the timing of a personal injury claim?

There are a unique set of circumstances that encompass each personal injury claim that is brought forward. This creates variability in how long the process takes from start to finish. Examples of factors that may affect the timing of a claim are as follows:

  • The complexity of your personal injury accident: for example, a product liability claim against a large company may take longer to process than a car accident claim against a standard motor vehicle driver.
  • The complexity of the injuries that you are claiming: for example, a wrongful death claim may take longer to process than a head/neck injury claim.
  • The amount of damages that you are looking to recuperate: for example, seeking $100,000 may take longer to process than seeking $1,000.
  • The caseload in the jurisdiction that is handling your case: for example, a jurisdiction with a light caseload may schedule your court date for weeks rather than months in the future.
  • The willingness that you and the defendant have to settle: for example, your willingness to receive a lesser amount of money and a defendant’s desire to avoid a lawsuit may make this a quicker process.

How much time do I have to bring my claim forward?

You may not even be able to kickstart your personal injury claim if you do not file it on time. This is because the state of Maryland has a statute of limitations of three years. In other words, you must bring your claim forward within three years of the date on which your accident took place.

There may be exceptions that may extend this deadline for you. But generally speaking, if you miss this deadline by even just one day, you may be permanently barred from your right to pursue legal action. This further means an inability to recover damages and achieve justice over the negligent party.

There is no time like the present to get your legal case in order. So pick up the phone and call a skilled Howard County personal injury attorney from Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates today. We are looking forward to it.

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