Was Your Teenager in a Car Crash? What to Know

Tips to Prevent my Teenager from Getting in a Wreck

Not giving them a license is the absolute best way, but “I’m doing this for your own good!” probably won’t go over well at all. So, on to Plan B: Teach them to do it right.

Explain defensive driving, tell them to look at other cars and ask, “What could go wrong?” Talk to them while you’re driving and point out possible errors by other drivers. Critique (do not criticize) their driving. The mall parking lot is a great place for them to practice. Almost everything that happens on the road happens in a big parking lot, but slower: Stop signs, parking, passing, rude drivers, you name it.

Visit Maryland’s “rookie driver” page so they understand how their driving privileges are limited. Even if they meet the restrictions, keep them off the road when the drunks are heading home.

What do I Do if my Teen Gets in a Wreck?

Don’t panic! Not joking: Your kid has already done that; seeing you calm will reassure him or her more than anything you say. Your first words should be something like “I love you, I’m so glad you’re safe.”

“Where are you? Is anyone hurt? Is an ambulance on the way?” Are the follow-ups. If the wreck is serious — if the firemen are warming up the jaws of life, deal with that.

Now that your kid knows you care more about him/her than the car, change tracks:

  • “Don’t admit anything.”
  • “Do what the police tell you, but don’t answer any questions until we are with you.”

Meet your child at the scene or the hospital. As soon as possible, speak to them privately, away from doctors, nurses, first responders, everybody. Record their story on your phone, get photos of the accident scene or injuries. Regardless of who is actually at fault, you may have to defend your child. How the police react will depend on the event — don’t argue. Act polite and professional and they’ll probably do the same.

Call your insurance agent or leave a message. If your child has specific health needs — allergies, meds, etc. — inform on-scene medical personnel and call your specialist so they can consult if necessary.

How Can Lloyd J. Eisenberg Help Me?

As soon as the situation is stable, call your personal injury attorney, Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates. After more than 30 years of practice in Columbia, Maryland, our motto could be “Been there, done that!” We’ve seen about every type of accident and injury and we have dealt with about every type of case that might come up. If your child has been hurt, as the driver or a passenger, we can do anything you need to be compensated for injuries and other damage.

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