Top Reasons to File for Workers’ Compensation

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One study says the top five injuries (by percentage of total claims) are strains and sprains (30%), cuts (19%), bruises (12%) and inflammation or fractures (5% each). Another study notes that the most frequent causes of workplace injuries are material handling (32%), falling (16%), collisions (10%), tools (7%, unless you’re Tim Taylor) and long-term trauma (4%).

Regardless of how, where or when, Lloyd J Eisenberg & Associates is the workers’ compensation attorney for you.

Under Maryland law, a covered injury must arise “out of the course of employment” and “in the course of employment”. “Out of the course” requires a connection between the accident and your job. If you work in a kitchen and you’re burned, that’s a connection. “In the course of” is about timing. If you work in a kitchen and burn yourself making your lunch in the breakroom, you may not be covered.

Confused? That’s why you need a trained and experienced workers’ compensation attorney!

Am I Responsible or is my Employer?

Some say that, if your employer doesn’t claim the worker was at fault, he isn’t doing his job right. There’s a grain of truth in this – the boss has an obligation to owners, employees and others. If an employer accepted every injury claim without investigation, that business will go broke very quickly.

Some say it’s always the worker’s fault. Another grain of truth; as an adult, you have primary responsibility for your own safety, and the law will back you on both refusing to do dangerous work without proper safeguards and blowing the whistle on such situations.

Neither attitude, by itself, recognizes the dozens of variables in any accident, including pure dumb luck! Every situation is different, and the law requires we judge each case individually. That means each side must have their day in court, present their evidence and hope the judge or jury can discern the real facts hidden among the opinions and memories.

When Should I Contact Lloyd Eisenberg’s office?

Your attorney should be your first call – after the ambulance, of course. Worker’s compensation cases can be complex, so, you need expert guidance. Call or email Lloyd J Eisenberg & Associates, the top workers’ compensation attorney in Columbia, Maryland. The Eisenberg team will take the time to walk you step by step through the process. More than just the money, he will deliver peace of mind.

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