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Medical Malpractice

It’s the last thing one expects to happen when going to the doctor for care, but it does happen. If your physician or other health care provider causes injury or death through error, omission or a negligent act, a patient has the right to pursue a civil claim. Such unfortunate acts by a physician are called medical liability, or medical malpractice. While you might hesitate to take this kind of action, the damage or death you and your family are left to deal with because of a physician’s error can include huge medical bills to various providers, to say nothing of your own trauma and that of your loved ones.

While there are costs on many levels that result from a doctor’s error, we can help you with the financial ones. Lloyd Eisenberg has many years’ experience dealing with the victims of medical negligence and knows the surprise, outrage, and feelings of helplessness those victims often feel. Mr. Eisenberg and his staff work compassionately with their clients who are victims of medical negligence, applying their experience and expertise to bring relief from the associated financial burden. When a doctor’s error results in needed or ongoing care that extends into the future, we are committed to seeing that you receive the compensation you need.

It’s important for you to know that Workers’ Compensation benefits can include the following:

In order to recover the damages you’ve incurred, we’ll help you establish the following:

  • The physician owed a duty to you, the patient;
  • Establish the standard of care for your situation, and that the physician violated that standard;
  • Establish a compensable injury;
  • Establish that the violation of the standard of care caused the harm suffered by you, the patient.

Lloyd J. Eisenberg will work with you step-by-step as you establish each of the four above conditions, guiding and supporting you throughout your case. Our goal is for each of our clients to receive just, full, and appropriate compensation for the medical damages they’ve received

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