Is a Landlord Liable for an Apartment Complex Accident?

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Essentially, a landlord is responsible for the safety of all their tenants. This means ensuring that their apartment complex is clear of any potential safety hazards. Otherwise, an accident involving one of their tenants may arise. Continue reading to learn when a landlord might be liable for an accident in their apartment complex and how one of the experienced Howard County slip and fall accident attorneys at Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates can help you make this determination.

Under what circumstances is a landlord liable for an accident in their apartment complex?

Put simply, a landlord may be liable for an accident that takes place in their apartment complex if they act negligently in any way. The most likely accident that may occur is a slip and fall accident. Examples are as follows:

  • A landlord neglects to clear ice, snow, or other weather-related debris in the parking lot, sidewalk, and entranceway.
  • A landlord fails to patch up potholes or cracks in the parking lot, sidewalk, and entranceway.
  • A landlord neglects to repair a faulty elevator or automatic door at the entranceway.
  • A landlord neglects to install adequate lighting in stairwells and hallways.
  • A landlord neglects to fix loose floorboards and raised carpets in an apartment unit.

It is worth mentioning that a landlord’s negligence may lead to other types of personal injury accidents, as well. For example, a tenant may incur an illness if a landlord fails to install a carbon monoxide detector or remove mold or asbestos from their apartment unit. Additionally, a tenant may be made a victim of theft or a violent attack if a landlord fails to install proper locks on apartment unit doors and sufficient security systems throughout the apartment complex.

What do I have to prove for my accident claim?

Say, for instance, you were made a victim of a slip and fall accident due to your landlord’s exhibition of any of the aforementioned forms of negligence. Well, in a case like this, you may be able to take legal action against them. As the plaintiff of an accident claim, you must collect and present the following pieces of proof:

  • Photos and videos of your injuries, damages, and the hazards that contributed to your accident.
  • Security camera footage of your accident playing out.
  • A copy of the accident report conducted by a police officer.
  • A copy of the incident report conducted by your landlord.
  • Medical reports that outline the seriousness of your injuries and damages.
  • Medical bills that outline the costs of your injuries and damages.
  • Testimonies made by fellow tenants who claim that the hazard was present on the premises for days, weeks, or months preceding your accident.

You must tackle your slip and fall accident claim as soon as possible. So call a skilled Howard County personal injury attorney from Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates today.

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