Howard County Personal Injury Attorney

Howard County Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney in Columbia, Maryland

Sustaining injuries in an accident can have a major impact on your life. These accidents are especially devastating when the accident was caused by the negligence of another party. Whether you were injured on someone else’s property, in a motor vehicle accident, or on the job, Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates is here to help. We understand that you may be facing significant physical, financial, and emotional burdens after an accident when all you really want is to get your life back to normal. While you focus on recovering from your injuries, Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates will focus on recovering compensation to help you get back on your feet after the accident. Whether you are located in Columbia, Ellicott City, Elkridge, Baltimore, Clarksville, or anywhere else in the state of Maryland, we are ready to fight for you. If you have been seriously injured due to another person’s negligence in Maryland, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney. Contact Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates today.

Our Legal Services

If you are suffering injuries because of another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. The roads of Maryland are hectic and there are often reckless drivers on the roads who put the lives of the others around them at risk. Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates has over 30 years of experience representing clients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents, including:

Of course, personal injury claims may be necessary for many other reasons. Our firm is well versed in handling a variety of premises liability accidents, some of which may include:

Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates realizes that some personal injury cases are not necessarily related to premises liability or motor vehicle accidents. The other matters that our firm handles include:

Fulfilling the Burden of Proof

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, you have 3 years from the date of the accident to take legal action for the majority of situations. In order to have a successful injury case, you will be responsible for fulfilling the burden of proof. This means that you will be required to prove that the defendant failed to meet a duty of care. This can come in the form of driving recklessly, proving that a property owner knew or should have reasonably known about a dangerous condition and failed to fix it, or that a professional failed to do their job to the standards that their peers would. Some of the ways that you can fulfill the burden of proof include filing a police report, taking photos of the dangerous conditions, obtaining witness testimony, obtaining surveillance footage, and more.

Recovering Compensation

If you are able to fulfill the burden of proof in your accident case, you may be entitled to significant compensation for the physical, financial, and emotional strains that were caused by the accident. You may recover economic damages such as lost wages and medical expenses as well as non-economic damages such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, and more.

Statute of Limitations in Maryland

When someone is injured in an accident, it is critical that they do not wait to take legal action against the party who caused their injuries. While you may be tempted to simply wait and see if your injuries heal on their own to avoid the legal process, we cannot advise you to do so, as there is a statute of limitations in place that regulates the amount of time you will have to sue a liable party. Since the statute of limitations in the state of Maryland is, typically, three years, you will have three years from the date of your accident to sue the person who caused your injuries. Waiting any longer than three years will most likely permanently time-bar you from suing.

That being said, you should understand that though you technically have three years to file your claim, the sooner you take legal action, the better off you will be. This is because the longer you wait, the harder it will be to track down witnesses, and ultimately prove that your injury was a direct result of another party’s negligence. Further, if you’ve been injured the sooner you take action, the sooner you may receive the compensation to which you are entitled. Our firm is here to help fight for the compensation you deserve and need to get back on your feet once again. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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For over 30 years, Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates has proudly represented injured clients in Howard County and throughout Maryland. When another person’s negligence causes you to become injured, we are here to help you hold them accountable for the burdens they caused you. From the moment you meet with Attorney Eisenberg and our legal team, you will understand that we see you as far more than just another client. We will fight, tooth-and-nail, for your rightful compensation. For strong legal representation in your personal injury case, it is important to have a team you can count on. Contact Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates today to see how we can help.

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