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Car Accidents in Maryland

Roads in the state of Maryland are filled with many different types of vehicles at all hours of the day. Things do not always go planned when roads are busy, causing accidents to happen. Often times, car accidents are minor and result in little to no injuries. Other times, they can cause serious, life-changing injuries […]

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What is an occupational disease?

In the state of Maryland, workers’ compensation can cover an injured worker’s medical bills, rehabilitation, hospital treatment costs, prescriptions, and medical equipment. Nearly all employers throughout the state are required to provide employees with workers’ compensation in the event that they do become injured. One factor of workers’ compensation that many people aren’t aware of […]

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Top Reasons to File for Workers’ Compensation

One study says the top five injuries (by percentage of total claims) are strains and sprains (30%), cuts (19%), bruises (12%) and inflammation or fractures (5% each). Another study notes that the most frequent causes of workplace injuries are material handling (32%), falling (16%), collisions (10%), tools (7%, unless you’re Tim Taylor) and long-term trauma (4%). Regardless of how, […]

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