Lloyd J. Eisenberg, Esq.

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Principal Attorney

When coming to our office for your first appointment, you will meet with Lloyd J. Eisenberg for a no-fee consultation and he will personally handle your accident or Workman’s Compensation claim for no fee pending your receipt of compensation. He understands the many struggles you face after your accident and will bring his many years of experience and knowledge of insurance companies to assure recovery of the maximum dollars possible in your case. Mr. Eisenberg listens carefully to his clients to be sure he fully understands every aspect of the situation, is prompt in returning your phone calls, and has an outstanding reputation of integrity and winning cases – all of which has resulted in his being highly respected by his colleagues and former clients.

Lloyd J. Eisenberg has focused his practice on representing injured and disabled individuals since 1985. In 1993, he established the law firm of Lloyd J. Eisenberg & Associates. He has represented thousands of individuals in Workman’s Compensation, disability, and personal injury claims throughout Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. His determination for fair and just treatment for his clients has resulted in changes to the law as detailed below. Mr. Eisenberg and his team are committed to providing pro-active, effective and meticulous representation for each of their clients.

Working on behalf of police, firefighters and paramedics, Lloyd J. Eisenberg has repeatedly challenged the actions of the Pension Plan and Disability Review Board. His efforts have resulted in changes in the law, most notably in the case of Officer Steven Kerpelman v. Disability Review Board of Prince George’s County. Prior to Officer Kerpelman’s case, officers were routinely denied their Constitutional rights to an evidentiary hearing. Even after a hearing, decisions were usually delayed by at least two years. As a direct result of Mr. Eisenberg’s efforts, officers are now ensured of their Constitutional right to a hearing challenging the wrongful denial of benefits. Further, the Pension Plan added two additional judges to provide timely decisions. Mr. Eisenberg strongly believes in your rights and will continue to fight for them.

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